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Short-term Counseling might be right for you if you have QUESTIONS such as these...

What will I do when my last child leaves home?

What can I do to help my adult child become more independent?

Is it okay for me to give my grown children parenting advice?

How can I be most successful in my new job?

I feel overwhelmed by my new illness. How will I meet my personal and professional responsibilities during treatment?

Do my parents need more care? How can I manage being a sandwich-generation caregiver?

Will life without my deceased spouse ever get any easier?

My boyfriend and I come from very different backgrounds. Can our relationship still work?

My marriage is over. How do I deal with being single again?

How do I handle my toddler’s behavior?

What can I do to help my child manage his or her homework?

Where did my sweet, communicative child go? How do I talk to my moody adolescent?

I’m thinking about switching schools for high school. How do I figure out which school I’ll like and where I’ll do well and fit in?

Where do I begin the college search process?

As a recent college graduate, how do I navigate the options and uncertainties of post-college life?​

Specializing in short-term counseling to address life's challenges and transitions

Sarah Shapiro, LCSW-C